on a mission to make the world a better place

I have created Cataleya Creations not only with the intention of being an independent small business owner and the dream of creating beautiful handmade products that are cruelty free and produced sustainably, but also with the promise of insuring my business will have a positive impact on our planet. When I founded Cataleya Creations it was immediately clear to me, that I would use my platform to contribute some more.

One way we already have been doing that, is by donating to a tree planting charity.

Every 5 orders = 1 tree planted.

The planet and environment are suffering and I wanted to make sure that I not only use biodegradable & recycled products and packaging, but also go that extra mile and donate to a charity that works hard to save mother nature, one tree at a time.

However I didn't want to stop here. Not only mother nature is suffering, but also it's children. I think by now all of you should be familiar with the #BLM movement. If you are not then I beg you to please do your research on this subject, so also you can have a daily positive impact by speaking up and educating others.

We are doing our part, by

donating to a #BLM charity or organization of our choice with every body candle that you buy.

Our candles are goddesses after all so it was only the right thing for them to do. 

My dream is to contribute to more and more of these causes and raise awareness, as the company grows. 

Thank you for helping me to save the world one order at a time. 

Love, Carla