Cataleya Creations has officially entered Stores


Today was a very exciting day for Cataleya Creations. We have crossed borders and entered our first physical store in Luxembourg City.

Our candles are now available for purchase at the independent bookstore

Librairie Alinéa Luxembourg

Alinéa has been around since 1995 and is an independent bookstore.

Manager and personal friend Elmira has been running the bookstore since 2019.

Elmira certainly wasn't a stranger to the bookstore and it's customers, since she had worked and assisted here for more than10 years already, before the previous owner announced his retirement and the closure of the bookstore in 2017. It was the loyal customers and employees that decided to take action and create a board in order to keep their favorite independent bookstore open.

Elmira was then elected the new Manager in 2019 and officially started running the very bookstore, she had been fond of for so many years.

Elmira and her younger sister Ava (committed employee at the bookstore) and I have been close friends for some years now and I feel beyond excited and honored to be able to work with such amazing women as my business partners.

The bookstore is located in the heart of Luxembourg City in the Rue Beaumont at NR 5. On 300m2 you can browse a large variety of all sorts literature, whilst enjoying a warm welcome by the helpful employees. And of course you can now purchase our candles there as well.

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