PSA: International Shipping Costs

Hello my dears,

I have addressed this a few times already, however I wanted to make a permanent post, seeing that I'm noticing more and more of you beautiful people follow my page

First of all welcome to Cataleya Creations and thank you for supporting a small business.

Let's cut to the chase. International shipping is expensive, I know, it sucks.

I just want to explain a little about how it works and why the current rates are what they are.

Most of you already know that I am based in the Netherlands. I am originally from Luxembourg and have lived in many countries around the world since I was 18, hence why I attract a lot of international customers. Which is bloody fantastic and makes me happy dance in my living roomHowever the shipping costs immediately go up in price when they cross NL borders.

I have compared all NL based carriers and the current rates are the lowest available. I also have done a lot of research on what opportunities a small business like Cataleya Creations can benefit from when having a business contract with these said carriers. Unfortunately carriers only offer discounts and lowers rates to companies that have a certain amount of shipments a month. This amount results from a higher traffic than I currently have on here.

Long story short: I know the shipping costs are high, which is why I have significantly lowered the price of my products to be offering you the best rates out there. In order for me to be able to save on shipping costs, I need to get more traffic. Unfortunately that is how still how it works these days.

I therefore want to thank all of you again from the bottom of my heart. Your continuous support will benefit everyone in the long run and hopefully very soon I can return the favor and drop additional costs for you! Keep up the support and don't forget there is a lovely and fun solution to this challenge:

Get together with your friends and create an online shopping group experience

Now that all shops are closed it would be so much fun to get excited over an order together!

That way you are saving on shipping costs and even better: we are reducing pollution! Eco-friendly shopping: create one big shipment instead of multiple smaller ones! How amazing is that?

In the meantime know you are appreciated ♥

Let's make this happen together ♥

Love, Carla ♥

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