Starting to look a lot like Christmas...

One week from today is Christmas Eve and I have been busy all week making candles and wrapping your gorgeous orders to get them ready to ship. A bit later than I had hoped, but due to all current restrictions and all shops closing down so close to X-mas, online orders and postal shipments have increased drastically. But hey, better a bit late than never.. and isn't there another saying about arriving "fashionably" late.. well looking at how the gift wrapping has turned out, I think I can rest assured that I will manage to make you all smile regardless of the delivery date.

At this point I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.. once again! Your support and kind words have given me hope during these uncertain times and have motivated me more than anything else. You managed to give me confidence and prove that I made the right decision by creating Cataleya Creations. All my love to you and your families and of course... Happy Holidays. These are the times we need to take a step back and acknowledge all the things we have in our lives.. health, families, a roof over our heads, a delicious meal.. or even a beautiful warm light shed by one of my candles that I have handmade with love just for you.

Together we can make it through this. Better things are coming!

Warm wishes, Carla xx

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