Update regarding Knits

Dear All,

For the last couple of weeks I have been busy calling and emailing loads of Suppliers in Europe in hopes of getting my hands on more stock for my Knits. Unfortunately I did not have any success. It seems that the chunky knits trend has become much bigger than expected and the supply simply didn't suffice. (I blame TikTok... haha).

This means that, unfortunately I will have to put the Knit Range on hold for now... The estimated date for a new stock is Spring 2021.

I know this may seem like bad news, however don't worry I am using all this extra time to release some other projects that I intended to wait with... YAY exciting right??

So please bare with me and keep up the good ole support... because the more you support something the more it will grow and the more exciting things will be released for you to get your cute little hands on. Win-Win am I right?

Don't forget to keep a positive mindset during these uncertain times and walk with your head held high into 2021. After rain comes sunshine... and since I live in Amsterdam, I know that can mean A LOT of rain for a LONG time before the next sunshine comes through. But it still comes out eventually!

I wish all of you Happy Holidays

xoxo Carla

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