The candles are sold as a pair.

(more colours will be added soon)


Official relase 17 March. Preorder now!


Height: 7 cm 


usually lightly scented with our signature fragrance : clean cotton

(can be unscented upon request)


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Easter Eggs

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  • Our candles are designed for decorative purposes.

    If you wish to light them, please ensure your candle is placed on an even surface with a heatproof coaster or candle plate, to catch any wax droplets or spillage.

    Do not leave unattended. 

    Do not burn for longer than 2hrs at a time.

    Keep away from drafts, children & pets. 

    The candles are specifically formulated & lightly scented, to promote a cold scent throw, meaning the scent is present when unlit and more suitable for home decor and ornamental purposes.

    All candles are hand poured using a natural soy wax, with this you may see changes in finish, small imperfections, air bubbles or frosting on your candle. Please note that this is common and usual with all natural soy waxes. To minimise the appearance of frosting, use a warm cloth, or your finger and gently rub the area to smooth out the frosting.