"No Waste" Box

"No Waste" Box

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At Cataleya Creations we strive to make the world a better place. 

One golden rule we follow is : waste control!


I am going to be completely honest with you: I am very clumsy!

I spill and knock things over all day. Including candles and wax!

Whenever I have a little bit of wax in a certain color left over, I save it. 
Whenever I spill some wax, I scrape it off and save it. Nothing is wasted.

Whenever I have enough wax saved for a candle, I re-melt the wax and re-use it.

Yay recycling!


Now these are candles that sometimes can have up to 3 different scents in them and therefore don't fit in any of my sale categories. The box may also contain candles that have minor imperfections but still look absolutely cute and instagrammable, I swear. 


I will combine a total of half a kilo of candles in a box for you. 

Those 500g would usually cost you around 50 EUR if you bought them in my shop. 

I will sell them to you in a surprise box for 35 EUR only

Such a fun way to save and recycle! 


These candles will all have different colors and shapes and have a lovely mix of different scents. So exciting right?


I hope you love and enjoy this little concept. I certainly do!




Love Carla


Please read the additional information provided below. 

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    Estimated NL Delivery within 3-5 working days.

    Estimated EU Delivery within 1-2 weeks.

    General Note:

    Please note due to covid restrictions further delays may occure. You will be kept up to date about any possible delays. Thank you for understanding. 


    Every product is hand made and quality checked before shipping.

    No refunds or returns possible. 


    Materials & Ingredients

    • Vegan & Eco-Friendly Natural Soy Wax 
    • Vegan fragrance oils.
    • Eco candle wicks
    • Vegan & Natural color dies. 
    • Packaging is recycled and biodegradable.

    Restock is every 2 weeks. (unless otherwise communicated)

    You will be able to choose from different colors & fragrance combinations each time. If you are curious which colors & fragrances are planned for the next restock then please keep your eyes on our instagram ccataleyacreations, as regular updates will be shared here. 


    Our candles are designed for decorative purposes.

    If you wish to light them, please ensure your candle is placed on an even surface with a heatproof coaster or candle plate, to catch any wax droplets or spillage.

    Do not leave unattended. 

    Do not burn for longer than 2hrs at a time.

    Keep away from drafts, children & pets. 

    The candles are specifically formulated & lightly scented, to promote a cold scent throw, meaning the scent is present when unlit and more suitable for home decor and ornamental purposes.

    All candles are hand poured using a natural soy wax, with this you may see changes in finish, small imperfections, air bubbles or frosting on your candle. Please note that this is common and usual with all natural soy waxes. To minimise the appearance of frosting, use a warm cloth, or your finger and gently rub the area to smooth out the frosting.